Mark Meadows, Listen Up: We Want a Town Hall

Last Thursday, I accompanied a group of citizens representing five of NC-11’s sixteen counties to Mark Meadows’ office in Waynesville. The group was there to present a formal, written request that Meadows join us at a “Medicare for All” town hall on April 23rd, the last day of congressional recess, where his constituents aim to express their desire for a Medicare for All health care solution—one that’s directly in opposition to his plan to return us to a pre-ACA “market-driven” approach.

Despite the fact that their publicly posted hours indicated they ought to be open, the door was locked. When one of the constituents present called another office, they were told that everyone present should slide their request under the door. These folks—some of whom had driven an hour and a half—patiently and respectfully wrote their requests on sheets of paper, and slipped them underneath the door of Meadows’ Waynesville office.

Later that evening, the same constituent who had called his office received an e-mail from a staffer. They were told that Meadows wouldn’t be able to attend the town hall “because it was on the weekend.”

Funny. I didn’t realize congressmen only worked Monday through Friday.

As it turns out, while we were outside of one of his offices, Meadows was making the rounds in NC-11 on a weekend trip back to the district. He visited some high school students that day, and reportedly dodged some of their questions.

The next day, Friday, he attended a luncheon in Asheville for the Council of Independent Business Owners. According to The Mountaineer, Meadows primarily discussed his health care stance at this meeting.

It’s bad enough that Meadows is willing to discuss health care with a small group of business owners, but not his working class constituents at large. What’s worse, though, was Meadows’ response to the question of why he won’t attend a single town hall in his district.

According to the Mountaineer, Meadows dismissively claimed that his constituents’ desire for a town hall “[is} not as much about a member of Congress and where their position is.” Rather, he said the town hall comes from a sentiment of “we want to hold a town hall to express our concerns about the results of the Nov. 8 election.”

Meadows thinks this is all about Democrats upset with Trump.

You’re wrong, Mr. Meadows.

Your constituents are upset with *you.* We're concerned with *your* desire to dismantle the ACA and replace it with an insurance and pharmaceutical company free-for-all. We’re concerned with your regressive approach to tax reform.

We’re concerned with your disregard for the people of your district.

Over a thousand constituents from all sixteen counties in the district will be gathering in Waynesville on Sunday, April 23rd at 3:00 PM, in front of the county courthouse, right next to Meadows’ office.

This isn’t about Trump, Mr. Meadows. This is about you.

Matt Coffay

OurRevolutionAVL Director/Founder


  1. According to the latest Gallup poll, 55%of Americans approve of the ACA. And as a constituent of Mr.Meadows’, I would like to discuss his position on that with him. And the budget. And the environment. And women’s health.

  2. Will Congressman Meadows be attending the Town Hall meeting on Sunday April 23rd? Per Micheal Hiltzik of the LA times artical 4/18/2017 “Repupicans base their new Obamacare repeal on a Maine program they call a success. Don’t believe them”. The artical states that the Maine program only partially worked, resulted in higher premiums for most, and didn’t work out well for older employees or those in rural parts of the state. Funded ironically in part by ACA funds? Republicans have been pretty vague on the funding element of their plan.

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