Congressional District Organizations

As we know, Buncombe County is split between two different congressional districts, each of which has their own unique geography, political realities, and challenges. Similarly, counties within a district each have their own political challenges that may or may not apply to the whole district. In order to make sure the district as a whole is properly represented, the North Carolina Democratic Party organizes a District Executive Committee for each congressional district.

District Executive Committees are made up of members from each county in the district and are charged with focusing on the district as a whole, not in counties individually. The district organization focuses on providing resources to each county it represents.

District Convention Overview

Every year, each congressional district holds a convention on a date specified by the State Party Chair. Conventions provide the district an opportunity to meet and conduct official business, such as electing officers and adopting resolutions.

At the Buncombe County Convention, a certain number of delegates were elected to represent Buncombe at each of our District Conventions. As a split county, Buncombe sends delegates to both the 10th and 11th district conventions – 146 to District 10, and 127 to District 11. While the convention is open for anyone to attend, only elected delegates are entitled to vote on business at the convention.

District Conventions will feel very similar to the County Convention in structure and procedure. District conventions may feature a religious invocation at the opening, and will be called to order by the district chair.  Each district will invite keynote speakers and others to give updates on the state of the democratic party in the district and outline plans for the coming year.  Sit with your county at the convention – any ballot voting done at the convention will be done by County, so it will be helpful to be near your delegation. Voting may be by voice vote, or may be by show of delegate credentials to ensure only delegate votes are counted.

In odd-numbered years, each District Convention will elect officers to serve on the District Executive Committee for the next two years.  Officer positions mirror the positions each County Party has, both in name and responsibility – Chair, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, 3rd Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. District Officers do have additional responsibilities, such as assisting with election of delegates to the Democratic National Committee and serving on State-level committees.

District conventions will also consider resolutions passed along from County Parties. Resolutions passed at the District Convention will be sent to the State and will be considered for the next party platform, or by the relevant state-level body in the case of resolutions pertaining to the Democratic Party.