Pass Progressive Resolutions – County Convention

This is Objective 2 of our immediate call-to-action plan for Our Revolution AVL members. Have you read about Objective 1 yet regarding February 25 Precinct Elections? Check that out first, then read below!


4/8 Buncombe County Convention

During the February 25th precinct meetings, delegates will be selected from each precinct to attend the Buncombe County Democratic Convention. The convention is on Saturday, April 8 at 10 am.

Being selected as a delegate is usually straightforward – each precinct is allocated a number of delegates who can attend the county convention.  Typically, the precinct is “allowed” more delegates than the number of people who attend the precinct meeting.  Showing up to your precinct meeting and becoming a delegate will give you the ability to vote at the county convention, which will be held on April 8th.

In odd-numbered years, delegates will vote on new County Party Officers, State Executive Committee members, and resolutions at the County Convention. Thus, it’s very important that we have the presence of OR members on the county level to continue to encourage progressive representation and reorganize the Democratic Party.

These county party officers will manage county-wide party business for the next two years. Given the current climate of NC politics, it’s important that we focus on this reorganization on the precinct and county level.

Resolutions passed at precinct meetings on February 25th will also be discussed at the county convention. Any resolution passed by the convention will be sent to the district and eventually to the state level – then hopefully into the state party platform!  

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