2018 Elections – GOTV and Candidate Endorsements

If you haven’t yet, please take a moment to read our Position Statement so you understand our overall vision and purpose. Now, let’s dive in!


Once precinct elections are over and the Buncombe county Democratic party convention has occurred, Our Revolution will continue to engage the general public to ensure that members of our community feel heard.  This means going door to door to engage people in the political process before midterm elections are at hand.

Getting involved early on the organizational level will help us break the veto-proof Republican majority in the legislature in 2018.

The Democratic Party is structured in such a way that it can be a grassroots organization – so long as people participate in it! Typically the precinct leadership positions – Chair and Vice Chair – may only meet once or twice per year, and don’t actively engage in voter outreach until elections are at hand. What we need now is new leadership that will engage their precincts – their neighborhoods – knock on doors, meet and listen to their neighbors, and say “the Democratic Party has changed, and we’re here to help your voice be represented.”

Our Revolution will re-energize the party by involving the previously marginalized and ignored, communicating with voters, and rebuilding trust. Voter turnout is the lowest it’s been in years.  Many people feel that the Democratic Party has left them behind, and that a large number of Democratic candidates don’t actively represent the interests of working Americans and people of color. Our Revolution will work to identify, vet, and endorse progressive candidates who agree to adhere to our platform and fight on behalf of working Americans.  We will be instrumental in helping these candidates win primaries and, ultimately, general elections.